Mazatrol Programming, Training and Consulting

Times of high workload present a great opportunity for increased efficiency. The name of our company, Added Performance Machining, says a lot about what we do. We are experts in Mazatrol programming, processing, tooling, training, and work holding. We specialize in process improvement for increased efficiency and more through-put on Mazak lathes.

Since the inception of Added Performance Machining, we have been able to consistently and dramatically increase work-piece through-put. The attention we give to setup rigidity and professional Mazatrol processing are key factors to APM's success. We are available for hire in several different capacities. We will improve efficiency and positively affect your company’s bottom line as a pre-production engineer, process improvement engineer, an expert trainer of Mazatrol/Mazak processes, or as a spot fill for operators. You can view our testimonials on our experience page. There is no long-term commitment on your part. You only contract for our time to fit your needs. You incur no social security tax or insurance costs. No overtime.

We would love to talk to you about your specific needs.

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Meet Our Team

Mazatrol Expert

Tom Herzog

President / Owner

Tom Herzog founded Added Performance Machining after being employed at Mazak Corporation as an Applications Engineer for almost 20 years. In the fifteen years before Mazak, he gained knowledge and experience by working in every area of his father’s shop, Michigan Automatic Turning where the main business included manufacturing and machining transmission shafts and gears with CNC machines.